To be a Writer

I woke up one day and all I can think about is writing. I wanna  be a writer or a Blogger. So I opened up this page and suddenly I am thinking: What it is that I should write about? What should I put in this page?


So I search the Internet for some inspiration and to my fascination,  I read a lot of people’s writing. I am amazed by their talent and expression of what is inside them. Some talk about their experiences,  travels, families,  problems,  heartaches,  successes and almost about what they do everyday. I learned how wonderful different people are. How they live their lives and what they think about.

They inspired me to go on and express whatever that comes in my head. Whatever that fascinates me. It’s about their lives.  I am fascinated with each and everyone’s life. But it’s not just about life’s struggles, pains or suc

cess. It’s also about their fashion, food and almost anything they can talk about.

And so this page will be my voice to talk about life and it’s surprises. Like lessons to be learned,  motivation,  inspiration and ideas. Whether I will be heard by one or thousands. I will write.


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