Changing Your Life

Sometimes there’s a point in our lives that we have the feeling to change it, improve it, correct it or get over a bad experience.

For example, you always search for the right relationship and always end up heartbroken. Attracted to men or women that at first they are attracted to you too but because of changes like age you feel you’re losing it. Makes you sad right? Like this guy likes you and you like him then suddenly you see him dating someone younger. Same goes with the husband and wife.It could also be like you feel you’re not doing enough to be noticed at your work by your boss. You feel sad or depressed with your life and you feel it’s so boring.

Then one day you get this feeling you want to get out of it. Change what you feel. You want a fresh new start. Either like restarting yourself like a smartphone or just completely out like purchasing a new home.

Then there goes the question, what should I do? You go blank then search for answers. You ask your friends for answers too but you feel you’re not satisfied. You frown again feeling sad about it.

So how about re-phrasing the question to What should I stop? Makes a difference right? What should you stop to change your life? Now you’re thinking.  Doesn’t require to ask someone or go blank because you know yourself. You know what your habits are, what you choose to do to achieve what you want. Maybe these things that you often choose to do isn’t getting you anywhere.

Like searching for a relationship. How about stop searching. Just be normal everyday, enjoy life and who knows there might be a surprise. How about stop trying to get noticed or to impress your boss. Just focus on the best things that you can do to your job. He or she might just come in front of you and say “Job well done”. How about stop liking men and women. Divert your attention to something you are good at, get busy. At least no more pains or disappointment if you don’t get that attention you usually get. And who knows someone might just approach you.

So start asking yourself: What should I stop for a better life.


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