A Strand of White Hair

As I was fixing my hair today I noticed a strand of white hair. At age 43, I thought OMG this is really it, it’s the start, I’m going there. And I smiled and noticed I already hot fine lines on the side of my eyes.

Is this the start of the battle. Maintaining myself too look young? To be conscious of my look? Should I be worried? Afraid that my beauty starts to fade? A battle to fight aging?

I asked myself, should I really fight it? To whom should I stay young looking? Why should I be conscious of how I will look to people? Why I should I fight aging?

For a moment I am thinking. And my answer is NO. I shouldn’t  fight it. I must accept it. Why? Because I don’t have to look younger to anyone. I am blessed to have the love of a man who’s been with me for many years.  He had seen me from sleeping to waking up everyday. From my best to my worst.  In sickness and in health. To other people like men who find me attractive and flirts, and of course sometimes it’s flattering to have that attention and to friends who praise you for your looks, well it’s something  to leave it behind. It’s time they see me better in something else. I used to be an easy going person. Would for younger activities and stuff, now it’s time to focus into mature things and better to help me out is to be with mature people. I would still be a friend to my younger friends but it should a limit now. Because If I will continue, I knew I would face the changes which could give me some pain for sure.  It will not be the same like 10 years before.

So NO I shouldn’t fight aging. But rather accept it. Embrace it and be proud of it. Take care of myself more with healthier living, exercise and live it to the fullest. See what life in my age has to offer.


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