Future Together

Building a future ain’t easy. It’s a lot of hardwork, determination,  perseverance and discipline. Everyone’s dream is to be able have a house of their own and not to work for someone else anymore.

But what’s even harder is when you’re a couple who wanted to have a better future together. In some situations one has to leave if the opportunity for a better source of income is in another country.  They both love each so much. They have to endure the loneliness of being far away from each other for quite sometime. What’s even harder is the when the time of departure has come. The one who left maybe quite easier because he or she will be busy to explore the new job and the new place. But of course after quite sometime he will miss her.

For the first few days it maybe a lot of crying and loneliness to the one who’s left behind. There’s nothing to explore. Just the daily life of being alone. His space in the bed, his unused coffee cup, sound of his snore and many more. Feels empty. Especially if you got used so much being together. Sleeping and waking up together,  watching TV together, side by side while on Facebook, almost everything together.

Well just say: it’s for our future. One day none of us has to be away to work. We will enjoy life together as soon as our future is secured. Stay strong. Be busy. Keep dreaming about the life you always wanted. Both have to stay in contact with each other. Communication fills the gap of distance. Always say I love you to each other. Most of all, remember that physical needs is not a reason not to be faithful.


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