Missing Him

Opportunity knocks only once. When it does you have to grab it. Especially if its going to benefit the both of you who loves each other so much and wanted a bright future ahead of you.

I always miss him. My special someone for the past 6 years. I love him so much. Whenever we don’t see each other during the day we will text each other I miss you, I love you. We were always together. Eat,  sleep and wake up, go on vacations, watch movies on TV and almost everyday activities. We hug and kiss everyday. My favourite part is when we wake up each other every morning. We kiss, tickle, hug and we have our laugh and smiles on that day. We have sworn on our love to be together for the rest of our lives and planned for the future.

Life isn’t always perfect.  I may have the blessing of having good earning, he doesn’t. He’s not lazy, he kept trying but just not lucky. Till an opportunity came to have him run a business with his brother. We were happy and excited. Finally,  he got what he always wanted. A business.  I wished him good luck and I will pray each day for the success of this endeavour . The problem is, the business location is in his home country. We came from different parts of the globe. I’m an Asian and he’s an Arab. We met in a Middle Eastern country where we worked.

As someone who loves him so much, I supported him. So he travelled back to his home country with full determination to make this work. God willing that this will be a succes, he will take me there for a visit. Well of course I will be alone for the meantime. Continue my daily routine at work but the hardest part is, him being far away. This missing him is not the just the regular or daily missing him. It’s missing him to the highest level. I won’t be seeing him at the end of the day. I won’t be seeing him each morning. I won’t be receiving hugs and kisses daily. I miss him so badly.Thank God for the people who is blessed in technology. I will be seeing him cam to cam. I will be hearing his voice. I will be reading his messages of love and news of how’s he’d been doing. Well it’s probably the physical part that I will be missing now.

It’s gonna be a few months or a year situation. I have to be strong. Keep my focus on our plans. Pray everyday. Each one’s success is also the success of the other. We are always ready to catch each other’s back on our failures. We’ve shared tears together already so this isn’t new. Just the distance makes the difference. I can’t wait to go there and see what he has worked hard for. What God has blessed him. I  hope that God will give us both the strength to do our best so that one day we will be sitting together watching the sunset and we don’t have to be apart from each other again. I miss him.


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