Be Good or Bitchy

The everyday life gets so tough sometimes. So tough that makes you sway from your path of trying to be good and patient. Some people around you can be nerve cracking or either draining your pail of patience.

If you try to be a good person in many ways some of them will think you’re stupid. Like you’re someone they could they take advantage of. Someone weak. They couldn’t just appreciate you simply for being a good person. For instance if you’re a manager and you have a staff. Some of staff will appreciate you being a good manager. You are fair. You don’t  hold them by the neck, you treat them like a team, in other words you treat them as humans and not slaves. But then again some of them will think you’re stupid and take advantage of you. They will be late, don’t do their job properly,  or they just take their job for granted. And if you take steps to reprimand them, they will make you feel like the evil queen.

So I guess being good and bitchy should be balanced. Be a reasonable bitch and a reasonable good person. Being unpredictable is helpful too. Be good in ways of being fair and honest. Be bitch to express your authority. Be good to your neighbours and be friendly. Be a bitch to protect yourself from being taken advantage and perceived as a weakling.
I guess being both does good to a person. Be good or bitchy …. no …. just be both!


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