Do you love kissing? Is it a gentle loving kiss or that wild tongue to tongue kind of kiss. Both is good. Kissing is the best part of every couple. Whether you’re a committed couple, a one night stand or friends with benefits. When you kiss someone it expresses you’re acceptance to that person. It’s  the start of everything to a couple. And it’s very important to learn it.

Hot and horny? Kissing expresses that. You let your partner feel how much you desire to have that physical union. It’s the start of a fiery moment. Followed by moves that bring you to a moment of ecstacy. Especially when both of your tongues play each other. The moves will be hotter and wilder. Kissing is like the small thread when you light a firework. Slowly but surely ‘till it reaches the moment of explosion. Keep that mouth of yours always minty fresh so you’re ready for that kissing when you feel you wanna release that heat of desire inside you.


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