The Smile

When a smile is given to someone makes the recipient of it feel good. Then smiles back. Smiles have different meanings right. It’s a form of expressing one’s feeling toward you.

But today I’m going to look at it in a different way. How many couples here smile after sex? Isn’t so nice that after that moment of intense lovemaking or that wild action in bed, exactly seconds after that wonderful climax both of you will smile at each other?

What do you feel about it? It’s like a feeling of satisfaction. Like both of you gave your best to satisfy each other. When he smiles at you, you feel you’ve given him a great a very good release and he’d won’t wanna let you go. When she smiles back feels like you gave her another moment she’d never forget. A smile after sex is one thing to look forward too. And when you get that you look forward to giving each other another joy ride in bed, kitchen, bathroom,  sofa or even on the stairs☺


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