Planning to Travel the World

In my 43 years of existence, I have never thought about traveling. I always thought that it’s only for the rich people. People who have extra money. What I was busy about was to fulfill my goal of having some properties which I did and gained it from my hard earned money. I also wanted to have the things that are being used nowadays like an iPhone and an iPad. But somehow when I already got these material things, I am still searching and wanting something more that I couldn’t figure out what it is.

Youtube is my favorite app. It’s not only entertaining for me, but most ideas about everything is right there. And I came across travel blogs. I watched a lot of them. It hit me. It’s what I am searching for. I want to explore places. Experience many things that I didn’t think about. I continued watching travel blogs and it satisfied me. I knew that it’s really what I wanted to do. I am presently in preparation for my first travel. Once I started doing this, it will go on and on. I got a lot of travel tips from these bloggers so there’s no way I will do it wrong. I salute them for sharing everything. It helps people like me whose in search of something they need to do.


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