I Finally Did It

Last April 18, 2017 I finally stepped out into the world. I flew to Tbilisi, Georgia. The night before the flight date, I couldn’t sleep. I keep looking at my luggages and imagining myself in the airport and inside the plane. I had some fears too as to what’s going to happen once I’m in a foreign land. What the people will be like once they see me. How they’re gonna treat me? During these imaginations that I got myself into sleep. I wasn’t alone, a friend who loves traveling was also with me.

Upon arriving at the airport, it was so exciting feeling. I am like a kid that is so excited to go to Disneyland. I had a very wide smile. Then came the boarding and flight. I did not sleep in the 5 hour flight. I am savoring each moment. Enjoying the plane, the economy seat (it’s what we can afford lol), the food, the blanket and the friendly cabin crew.

When we landed, I felt chills up my spine. It’s like OMG, we are finally here. I am here. Had our passports stamped and headed to baggage claim. We got into a cab (he charged us a bit too much. Lesson learned.) and went to our hostel. It was past midnight, April 19, my birthday. Perfect right? We went to explore a bit within the hostel area. The place was cold and quiet. We were greeted by smiles from the hostel staff and strangers. We found a convenience store and bought a few snacks and drinks. From then on, I had a feeling that this trip is going to be alright.

The people of Georgia are very friendly people. I must say I love them. They always smile and language was never a problem. They speak good English. They are beautiful people as well. Way back in the Philippines, when we see foreigners, we always admire them. In Georgia I felt the other way around. We were admired by the people. So may historical and beautiful places to go. I will mention them in my next blog, had some wine tasting and had a fill of their national food Kinkali and Kachapuri. I will definitely come back. But what’s more important, is finally I did it. I traveled. My fear is gone. I will one by one see the world without hesitation and fear.


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