Things I Learned in My First Travel 

Thinking about travelling scared me financially. All I thought about it was, you will need an awful amount of money. I also thought that you will always need a travel agency. But there are many ways to afford it. And that was the first thing I learned. How to travel cheap.
Travelling in a cheap way is not that bad either. You can save your money without compromising comfort. First is knowing your country of destination and researching about it. When is the peak season, currency rate, cost of living, price of accommodation and tickets. I learned to book my own tickets and search for my accommodation. Compared prices and chose the best price that I can afford. For the country of destination, I learned more about it from the posts and blogs of people who have already been in that country, how much money they have spent in eating and sightseeing as well.

I learned to be confident. If you’re not with your family and travelling alone or with a friend, you will definitely learn to trust yourself. I learned that even if I am with a friend, I still have to rely sometimes on my own decisions and instincts. For that the confidence comes in to bring them all upfront. Because if you don’t you will end up being silent and just following everyone else around. It will also affect your communication with the locals and fellow travellers. If you’re not confident enough, I guess the trip wouldn’t that be enjoyable. I am a shy type of person, but I learned to step up and express myself to the locals and different nationalities as well.

I learned how to budget. If you’re out there, you will learn how to stretch your money. You will learn when to spend and how to spend. I came there to see the country, this is for myself and not for the others that I have to oblige myself to shop for them gifts or souvenirs. If I had to buy a souvenir it will be for myself. Just a trophy that says I had been there in that country. And part of it is to have a taste of the native food in that country. Whether its a national food or street food as long it won’t cost me a lot.

I learned how to pack wisely and be responsible for my things. I learned how to bring what’s necessary and not bringing just anything I want. I also learned how to use them wisely as not to show that I am a tourist. It’s keeping the safety for myself and looking just like a local in that area. Knowing about the country of destination makes you learn the type of clothes to wear and things to bring. Travelling lightly means less hassle in the airport avoiding over baggage and less stress .Taking care of your things is very important especially when you’re out sightseeing or staying in a hostel.

These are just some of the things I have learned in my first travel. I hope it helps you too especially if you’re a beginner like me.


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