Food, Drinks & Coffee

This is Kinkali. A Georgian national food. It is like a dumpling boiled with seasoned meat inside. Wait till you taste the juice while you bite it. It’s deliciously good.

I love to eat. I can eat almost anything except humans lol. I won’t leave a country without trying their national food. I tried Chinese food, Arabic, Indian, Georgian, Thai, Japanese and a bit of Korean.

This is Kachapuri. It’s a Georgian bread with cheese and egg. Oh gosh I miss this. I love the smell of it and if course it’s amazing taste!

And not only that, drinks and especially coffee is a must. From local cafes to bars and clubs. I love the smell of coffee and bread in the morning. Smell of potatoes at lunch or dinner. Then wine up later. Local beers is also in my list. Truly a worth experience having to try food from all over the world.

Saperavi is a Georgian wine aged to perfection. I tasted several wines from red to white. They fabulously delicious.

I have my bucket list of countries to visit this year 2018. I’m sure gonna share my experience with the places and food here with you.


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