Never Limit Yourself

In some cases we tend to just work everyday, go home, do whatever you have to do at home, sleep, wake up and go to work again. That routinary life happens everyday. And then sometimes we forget to dream big and just say to ourselves that this is all I can do.

I remember when I was a kid looking out the window an airplane passed by. I said to myself one day I will ride in that. I remember passing by tall condo buildings and I said to myself one day I will live in that. These two things happened.

I watched some videos stories of Rihanna, Madonna, Coco Chanel and Shakira. They all had humble beginnings and maybe, more than mine. Look where they are now. Sometimes when you had nothing at all, one day you’ll have so much that you can’ t imagine how it happend. Then looking back at these beginnings makes you smile.

Dreaming big will not cost you anything. It is free. Whatever your heart’s desires, whatever you want to achieve, wherever you want to go just keep dreaming about it. Never say you can’t do it. This is all I have. This is all I can ever be. No, as long as you keep reaching for your dream, it can happen for you. Dreaming is better than not dreaming at all. Dreaming can inspire you. It can push you to what you call your limits. One day you will surprised you made it. You did it. You have it. And when you do, keep your feet flat on the ground and always look back to your humble beginnings. By this, you will appreciate your life and feel the happiness inside you.

Starting from today, never limit yourself.


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